The main goal of the company is to make people's lives safe, both in Ukraine and in the world

The "Stal-M" company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, and while summing up its achievements and results, we also remembered the garage of my parents' house, where it all started, and the people who worked and are working for these two decades at our enterprise, and the development of technologies, and the introduction of ISO and the KEIZEN system, and of course, our customers and partners. And we proudly turned this page of our history and opened a new one, with even greater purposefulness, plans, and development of the enterprise and confidently entered the year 2022...

Unfortunately, he brought a real war to our country with planes and tanks, air raids and thousands of dead people and crippled lives...

The "Stal-M" metal products factory continued to work from the first days of the war, but now instead of doors, our guys were continuously making anti-tank hedgehogs and other barrier structures. And after two weeks of the war, we already made several first doors to order and continued to work, realizing that the economic front is also very important. Today, part of the company's employees defend our land in the ranks of the Armed Forces, many of our boys and girls join the territorial defense and volunteer...

At the moment of writing these words, unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is still going on, but we are confident in our Victory and are doing everything to bring it closer. It is also important for us to remain a reliable partner for our customers and ensure the timely manufacture and delivery of Stal-M products even in these difficult times.

Sincerely, company founder
Oleksiy Mulyarenko

The production of "Stal-M" adheres to the "KAIZEN" philosophy of continuous improvement, and also implements the ISO 9001:2018 quality control system. Thanks to this, production processes and supporting business processes are improved. As a result, only high-quality materials and components are used in the work for the manufacture of all types of products.

In February 2020, after a series of preparations and innovations, a flow production system was introduced, which made it possible to optimize working time and increase the volume of door output.

Cooperation with the company "Stal-M" has already become a separate "Mark of Quality" for many developers. Usually, the owners of new apartments in new buildings do not replace the entrance doors if they are products of our company.

History of the company since 2001
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