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The entrance door to the apartment and the house

Special anti-burglary doors


Fireproof and technical doors



The company "Stal-M" serially manufactures office safes (metal, office) and hunting. The structure is made by bending steel cold-rolled sheets of 1.5 mm, and the front side of the door is made of steel 2 mm thick.

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Design features

1) Are serially completed with the reliable lock of lever type. If necessary, it is possible to install locks of other types, including electronic-mechanical.
2) All safes have internal hinges with the function of adjusting the height of the door.
3) Safe coating - polymer powder coating is resistant to mechanical damage. The doors of the safes can be decorated with PVC film "Vinorit" (made in Israel), the color range of films has 42 colors.
4) Safes manufactured by Stal-M have a factory marking, which indicates the serial number, date of manufacture, information about the manufacturer and the mark of quality control. Product warranty - 12 months.

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Location of the Stal-M Factory and its stores in the Rivne city